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Transitions Signs Sponsorship Deal for PGA Tour Event

Transitions Signs Sponsorship Deal
Announcing Transitions Optical’s sponsorship of the Transitions Championship For
Healthy Sight, a PGA Tour event, are, left to right, Tim Finchem, commissioner, PGA Tour,
Peter Jones of Copperheads, Brett Craig, president, Transitions Optical, Dave Cole,
managing director of the Americas, Australia and New Zealand, Transitions Optical
and Sheila C. Johnson, CEO, Salamander Hospitality.

Transitions Optical and professional golf’s PGA Tour have announced a new agreement through which the company will provide a four-year title sponsorship of the Transitions Championship For Healthy Sight, a PGA Tour event at Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club here.

The sponsorship was revealed at a June 4 press event in Palm Harbor, Fla., by Transitions Optical president Brett Craig, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem and Peter Jones, general chairman of the Copperheads, a group of tournament volunteers. The Transitions Championship For Healthy Sight will be held March 16 to March 22, 2009, at Innisbrook’s Copperhead course. Transitions is headquartered in nearby Pinellas Park, Fla.

The Championship program—which will include a week of tournament-related events—is designed to enhance Transitions’ ongoing efforts to help elevate consumer awareness of the need for healthy sight, the importance of vision care and the benefits of sight-enhancing vision wear, according to a company announcement. In the coming months, Transitions will announce several trade programs for 2009, aimed at enabling its eyecare professional partners to leverage the sponsorship in their own patient outreach and marketing efforts.

“Partnering with the PGA Tour aligns well with our company and brand,” Craig said. “The tournament makes an important contribution to our local community, and the sponsorship presents a tremendous opportunity to educate consumers about the importance of healthy sight.”

Noted Finchem, “As a hometown company with broad international reach and a global brand, Transitions Optical will be a great partner and through its sponsorship, both help showcase the appeal of the Tampa Bay area and raise millions of dollars for Tampa-based charities that the tournament supports.”

After the announcement, Dave Cole, managing director, North America, said, "The PGA Tour is number one in charitable giving and has a tremendous reputation and integrity, so that platform and the ability to associate our brand with this event offers us a new voice to the consumer about the importance of vision care." Cole noted that Transitions is also in negotiations to become an official marketing partner of the PGA Tour which could include being named the official eyewear of the Tour. An announcement on that is expected within a few weeks.

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Vision-Ease Underscores Green Commitment with New Logo

A vision for sustainabilityIn conjunction with its recent announcement of purchasing 100 percent renewable energy for its Ramsey, Minn.-facility, Vision-Ease Lens has established a separate logo to represent its corporate-wide sustainability initiatives. Because Vision-Ease Lens is making a long-term commitment to being more eco-minded in its manufacturing practices, it was fitting to create a new logo to symbolize its importance within the company.

“Being a good corporate citizen is one of Vision-Ease’s core operating principles. Our efforts to be a more sustainable manufacturer is a direct commitment to this principle, and a separate logo to represent these efforts solidifies its importance and provides recognizable visibility around the initiatives within our organization,” said Doug Hepper, CEO and president, Vision-Ease Lens.

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PPG Releases New Trivex Marketing Materials

PPG Industries, Inc. has introduced new marketing
materials for Trivex lens material, including this
kids-focused poster, that will help eyecare professionals
communicate the product’s unique benefits to consumers.

PPG Industries is introducing new marketing materials for its Trivex lens material that will help eyecare professionals communicate the product’s benefits to consumers. Using the theme, “Trivex. True to Life.”, PPG focus on how the lens material performs in everyday life.

“Lives that may seem ordinary are actually quite extraordinary, and require extraordinary eyewear to meet the multitude of demands placed on our eyes throughout the day,” said Nathan Troxell, marketing manager, optical materials, for Pittsburgh-based PPG. “That’s why eyecare professionals go to great lengths to assure that their patients are getting the best balance of acute vision quality, comfort and protection for their lifestyle, and why we’re adopting the ‘Trivex. True to Life’ messaging for our new materials.”

New marketing materials highlighting the “True to Life” message include professional and consumer brochures about Trivex material, as well as a poster for display in-office. The brochures feature a section that can be customized by labs and lens caster partners prior to distribution to their ECP customers, as well as a section for ECPs use to personalize the materials for use in practice or delivery directly to their patients. Materials and customization can be requested by contacting PPG customer service at (800) 323-2487.

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Saint-Gobain Offers Blocking Pad Solutions Guide

Saint-Gobain’s “Solutions” guide offers tips on
how labs can maximize production efficiency.

is offering its Solutions for the Optical Lab guide to help labs maximize efficiency by choosing the right blocking pad for a variety of lens materials and coatings, including super-hydrophobic. As blocking pads are the only components that hold lenses in place during edging, selecting the correct type can decrease waste and reduce total systems costs. Solutions for the Optical Lab can be downloaded at www.nortonfoam.com.

Saint-Gobain’s blocking pad solutions guide features tips to help labs properly choose and apply edging pad solutions, which is vital to protecting upstream investment during this final process. The guide also educates labs on the conformity and adhesion properties of different edging pads.

“With the development of advanced lens materials and coatings, such as anti-reflective and super-hydrophobic, blocking pads play an increasingly important role in prescription fulfillment,” said Geoff King, SecurEdge product manager, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. “Using the proper edging pad can help labs decrease waste by ensuring proper torque resistance and reducing instances of residue or ghosting on a lens.”

Saint-Gobain distributes SecurEdge pads through DAC Vision, Dynamic Labs, Optical Laboratory Supply, Phantom Research Laboratories and Practical Systems.

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ODC Names New International Distributors

Optical Dynamics (ODC), a division of Vision Dynamics, has named two new international distribution partners. World Optics LLC of Moscow, Russia and Eye Technologies Group of Milan, Italy launched their Optical Dynamics distributorships at this year’s international MIDO event. Under the terms of the partnership agreement, World Optics and Eye Technologies Group will maintain a sales force, service team and inventory of Optical Dynamics products for distribution in their respective regions. World Optics LLC will distribute to Eastern Europe through its subsidiaries, World Optics EU, Hungary and Nano Optics, Russia.

“Both companies will provide new distribution channels throughout Europe making available the Q-2100R and nanoCLEAR AR technologies (pictured above) with regional service and support,” said Galen Powers, president of Optical Dynamics. “We look forward to growing Optical Dynamics’ presence in these international optical markets.”

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Hoya Announces 'Splendor of Spain' Drawing Winner

Dr. Shinners
Frederick Shinners, Jr., OD, with Low Country Vision in Mount Pleasant, S.C., won an all-expense paid trip to Spain in the Hoya Vision Care “Splendor of Spain” drawing at Vision Expo East.

“We congratulate Dr. Shinners and look forward to experiencing majestic Spain with him,” said Clay Musslewhite, director of marketing. “Independent eye care professionals are invited to join us. ECPs simply need to sell our award-winning Hoyalux iD or our Hoyalux iD LifeStyle lenses between now and Dec. 31, 2008, to be eligible to win prizes and additional trips for two to Spain.”

LenStock account access is exclusively available from Global Optics member laboratories including: Cherry Optical, CVO, Dietz Laboratories, Emagine Optical, Encore Optics, Expert Optics, Harbor Optical, Hirsch Optical Corporation, iCare Labs, Katz & Klein, Lenco, LensTech, Pech Optical, Professional Ophthalmic Labs, QC Optical, Rite Style Optical, Rooney Optical, Soderberg Optical, Toledo Optical and Walman Optical.

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Freeform Certification ProgramDispensing Tips

#1When fitting progressives, consider the patient's height and posture. Knowing whether they will be in predominantly one position (sitting or standing) when using the glasses, will help in positioning the lenses. Be careful to eliminate parallax when measuring the patient.

#2When dispensing polarized lenses, avoid frames with acute angles and avoid edging lenses so large that they must be forced into the frame. Either of these will put stress on the lenses. If the lenses must be grooved, do not place the groove too close to the film. The film could be damaged. For this reason, it is also not recommended to put faceted polarized lenses in rimless frames.

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New ProductsNew Products
Stainless Steel Spark Resistant Vent Hood (#15003, #15004)

Stainless Steel Spark Resistant Vent Hood
Description: Vent hood designed to reduce odors and sparks
Target Customer: Finishing labs
Features/Functions: Hood is designed to help eliminate odors associated with dyeing and neutralizing plastic lenses. It is spark resistant to reduce number of ignition sources for chemicals used near or above their flash points. Vent hood contains two built-in polychromatic (chroma-type) fluorescent lamps, which are sunlight color-balanced for color matching by reflected light. Exhaust blower included.
The Stainless Steel Spark Resistant Production Vent Hood is also available, which measures 49 inches by 51 inches by 28 inches
Size/Weight: 49 inches high by 36 inches wide by 28 inches deep (#15003); 49 inches high by 51 inches wide by 28 inches deep (Stainless Steel Spark Resistant Production Vent, #15004)
Price: $2,995 (#15003); $3,995 (#15004)
(800) CALL-BPI

SR-91 Freestyle Progressive Polarized Lens

The SR-91 Freestyle Progressive Polarized lenses from Kaenon Polarized offer the precision and flexibility of back-side digital surfacing available in a wrapped polarized progressive lens in 6.25 and 8.25 base curves in the company’s patented SR-91 lens material. The new lenses can be prescribed for Kaenon brand frames or any other frames to give customers a lens customized to the optical accuracy of 0.01 diopters, exceeding that of standard PALs offered only in 0.25 diopters. This accuracy gives wearers a smoother and wider field of vision, a significantly lower rate of non-adaption, less head and eye movement as well as perfect vision up close, mid-range and far away, according to Kaenon. The SR-91 material also makes an extremely lightweight and thin lens that offers impact resistance that exceeds standards set by ANSI Z.87.1.

Kaenon’s proprietary polarized lens technology features the combination of SR-91 and the Glare 86 Polarizing Element. Kaenon’s lens manufacturing process encapsulates the Glare 86 element within the SR-91 lens material.

The molecular bond between the two materials is so strong that Kaenon is able to offer a lifetime guarantee against cracking, splitting and delamination. Glare 86 not only eliminates glare, but it also houses SR-91’s purpose-built tints and Kaenon’s proprietary Light Transmission Control (LTC) technology, giving every SR-91 lens the ability to regulate the amount of light transmitted to the eye. This control in polarization gives Kaenon the ability to calibrate SR-91 for use in different light conditions— from low light to full sun—or customize the lens tint and light transmission level to the wearer’s specific desire. Lenses are available in three specific tints: grey, copper and yellow.

Manufacturer: Kaenon Polarized
Description: Progressive polarized lenses
Precision and flexibility of back-side digital surfacing in progressive lens with 6.25 and 8/25 base curves. Optical accuracy of 0.01 diopters. Impact resistance that exceeds ANSI Z.87.1 standards. Lightweight and thin lens.
Availability: Progressives
(949) 574-7918

7E HLP Edger

The newest edger from National Optronics, the 7E HLP, has two additional features that previous products in the line did not offer. The Hi Luster Polish feature gives a finish to all plastic, high index, Trivex and polycarbonate lenses. The NuGroove feature puts clean grooves on all lens shapes, particularly sharp-cornered or small-eyed lenses without widening.

“We’ve answered two critical needs of the customer:  a much higher luster polish and a beautiful, straight groove on any lens shape—all with the performance, reliability and value the 7E is known for,” says Kevin Paddy, director of new product development and sales for National Optronics.

Other functions include the flexibility to process all bevel types, the ability to process 16mm B measurements, advanced clamping to reduce slippage and crazing, precise drilling, an elimination of environmentally-damaging coolants and an on-screen assist. Additional options that can be added include a multi-fluted cutter that can house up to four different beveling geometries, a barcode reader, a pick and place loading system and a PCD cutter.

Manufacturer/Distributor: National Optronics
Description: Edger that specializes in high polish finishes and clean grooves on odd shaped-lenses
Target Customer: Finishing labs
Features/Functions: Hi Luster Polish, NuGroove, flexibility to process all bevel types, processes 16 mm B measurements, reduces slippage and crazing, reliable and industrial construction, high wrap and complex beveling, precise drilling, small B edging, advanced clamping, environmentally friendly, pn-screen assist, automation
Size: 28.4 inches high by 25.3 inches wide by 26.6 inches deep
List Price: $28,780
(800) 247-9796

Polycore SunSensors HPC

SunSensors HPCManufacturer/Distributor: Corning/Polycore
Description: Next-generation photochromic lenses featuring new high-performance coating (HPC) developed by Corning and Tokuyama.
Target Customer: All photochromic and plastic lens wearers
Features: High clarity and 100 percent UVA and UVB blocking. Achieves one of the highest levels of performance on the market for darkening and fading speed, changing from a gray dark state transmission of 11 percent to 65 percent transmission after only five minutes of fading time.
Availability: Polycarbonate semi-finished single-vision and progressive lens designs in gray and brown.
(888) 645-7788

Continua SVSF Lenses

Continua SVSFManufacturer/Distributor: Vision-Ease Lens
Description: 80mm semi-finished single vision lenses
Target Customer: Customers who need customized lenses to fill a high-plus or high-minus prescription.
Features: The new Continua lenses from Vision-Ease meet the need for direct-surface progressive lens processing and lenses for wrap-around frames and larger frame styles. Continua SFSV 80mm lenses are available in a number of base curves. With a prescription range of +8.00 to -12.00D, these lenses accommodate a variety of consumer needs. Highly abrasion-resistant thermal-cured hard coating; compatible with all AR coating applications. Backside tints to sunglass state; provides 100 percent protection from UV rays.
(800) 328-3449

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