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Caution: Avoid misconceptions at all costs.

We’re deep in a year of coming to grips with a layer of the public 20/20 dubs GenEYE… Millennials. You can literally inhale their presence and potential. As us baby boomers are literally forgetting where we keep our bloomers, this new generation is ripe for the inheritance of powerful impact.

But… BUT… you MUST judge them by fact and not just the friction of their highly individualized traits of unique independence.

Since most here know I’m an avowed motor-head I’m going to use all of this space to make my point with an astounding report done by a mainstay of MY generation intent on rebranding their own intent: MTV!

In a deep data report dubbed “Millennials Have Drive,” the EYE-WANT network busted misconceptions with metrics based on nearly 4,000 GenEYErs surveyed and supplemented by face-to-face interviews with responders and also follow-throughs and commentary from concerned Baby Boomers AND Gen X demographers.

The biggest myth out there is Millennials not caring about cars and driving.

Not. True.

Fact is that “driving” is their go-to form of transport, more so even than Boomers and Gen X. Dupes would have you believe GenEYE doesn’t even LIKE driving. Again, the numbers prove this generation loves driving more than any past delegation. And a full 60 percent think non-drivers are absolute losers.

Word has it that cars are low on their list of wants. But… given a job and some dough, a full 80 percent put cars as their number one purchase on their list, and most of those don’t even want to lease a car. They want to OWN a car.
You’d also think that a spiffy iPhone would be their top choice on their day-to-day adventures with friends and family. Nope. A full three-quarters of them noted skipping social media as they beelined for their car.

So what’s driving these GenEYE drivers? The survey indicated that their main priorities are independence, freedom, health, and a strong and personal sense of individuality.

Their cars make them feel happy. Their phones and computers reek of commonality.

MTV didn’t extend a fleck of their survey to eyewear but there are some key details in there that should stimulate YOUR concerns.

Individuality. Independence. Health. Those words should be key to your optical agenda as you reckon with GenEYE.

James J. Spina

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