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Who’ll Be the Next in Line?

And I love to live so pleasantly
Live this life of luxury
Lazing on a sunny afternoon

The Kinks had it SO right with “Sunny Afternoon”: Nothing beats the satisfaction of a “life of luxury,” and since this issue gives you the full speculation on that niche in eyewear, I’ve decided to detail my own particular rich bliss these days specific to the current 20/20 edit crew. Bidding fond adieu to our 40th anniversary, the edit cast has evolved in a fresh and dramatic “style” with new changes now in place.

Topping the masthead, Christine Yeh was virtually born to the role she now plays as Executive Editor of 20/20. I can think of no harder task for an editor/writer than carefully maintaining poise when it comes to blending unbridled creativity with clear control. I know this firsthand since I more than occasionally make a mess of it. Yeh has a total handle on this sense of delicate balance. Simply, she is a superwoman when it comes to “executive” decisions and creatively executed storytelling.

Next up, please join me in warmly and gratefully welcoming Patrisha Holly Zabrycki BACK to the 20/20 fold, newly dubbed as Senior Editor with the intense rule and realm of everything eyewear and sunwear under her domain. After a few years sojourn into the corporate world of unique home furnishings and then luxury watches, Zabrycki returns to take over (in every aspect past, present and, most importantly, anew) from retired editor Gloria Nicola. Big job? Yup. Is PHZ up to the task? Incredibly so.

This magazine has a knack for success stories when it comes to interns… something about the magical blend of product management, intense writing assignments and the modern inspiration of socialEYEzing all things 2020mag seems to bring out the best in the best. Case in point: newly promoted Associate Editor Victoria Garcia. She came our way as an intern fresh from stints as same at Self magazine and Us Weekly. But the flame of frame quickly and effectively sizzled in her with a resulting ascent in responsibilities and titles that now finds her ensconced as our Associate Editor with responsibilities in all aspects of the product presented here, heavy social media engagement and overseeing the growing domain of SunVision magazine. Garcia is a keeper… so… keep an eye on her terrific insights at 20/20.

That’s MY take on the “luxury” of being a part of this magazine. And I hope it also makes the point for you that in order to “sell” your side of this luxury niche in eyewear, you need to define it carefully so it suits the taste of your audience and… YOU.

James J. Spina

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Who’ll Be the Next in Line?
And I love to live so pleasantly / Live this life of luxury / Lazing on a sunny afternoon

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