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Then… Now… Anew

Dear 20/20,
Please consider this as my congratulatory ad, celebrating your 40th anniversary. (By the way: I’m not paying for this. I’ve figured out that by being editor-in-chief, I actually get paid to take up space.) We share an anniversary of sorts as I am now finishing up on my own personal anniversary of 40 years in publishing having started as a copy boy for WWD and W back in 1974.

As was true then and equally so now, the trick to all of this magazine “stuff” is enlightened publishing partnered with energized editorial, and for the sake of THIS accolade, I’m going to focus on the publishing aspect as it specifically regards my publisher allies supporting 20/20… then… now… and… anew.

It is current publisher Marc Ferrara, a former 20/20 editor-in-chief, who signed me up in 1996. More on HIM later.

Jobson Publishing experienced a growth spurt in the late ’90s with the acquisition of the “Review Books” neatly packaged with a publisher of intense style, grace and gentlemanly stature: Rick Bay. Rick passed away just a few years ago but that style and grace was truly his gift to 20/20, befriending this magazine via a trusting sense of confidence and honesty.

Next up was Dennis Murphy as publisher, still up and empowering on the 20/20 masthead now as our advertising team meister doing what he does best, detailing every factor and facet needed to keep these pages viable, lively and always aware that publishing a magazine takes a balanced brew of cautious-yet-carefree steps forward with an eye on the everyday that guarantees success in every way.

And then came Bill. Bill Scott. And… Boy… O-Boy(!)… Did we bang heads. BUT, truth told, in a powerful way Bill Scott corralled this mag in ferocious exclamations felt to this day. One being the current size boldly shedding the goofy, large-size format screaming old-style trade rag. And it is the great Scott that pushed edit to a ground of educated opinions and commentary manifested most readily in the trend setting earmarking every style feature since. Like that proprietary CE in every issue? There too… thank Bill.

Next up… dear, sweet, rock ’n’ rollin’ Jim Vitkus with his subtle lens-centricity and the blatant dubbing of me as a “brand warrior.” Got that right Jimmy and your easygoing publishing is as worshipped as your friendship.

So we circle around to Ferrara again, back in the publisher saddle and recently co-accepting the prestigious Accessories Council Hall of Fame award honoring 20/20 as it heralds what we both truly feel is the Ultimate Accessory: Eyewear!

So let’s hear it and cheer it for the boys of publishing as 20/20 gears up for a season of “seeing” anew.

—James J. Spina

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