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A Novel Approach

Bearing witness here to a 20/20 insider office event: As we were playing through the early stages of preparing this month’s SUNsational cover of Zac Posen’s new sunwear (with eyewear coverage to follow), Art Director Iris Johnson came to my office in order to review a number of photo pose options with graphic examples. Iris fully understands the complexity of details at work when it comes to determining our final choice, and in that regard, often “specs” up a headline treatment so we can determine how each specific shot interplays with typographical patterns.

All of her layout proposals bore the headline “Empire of the Sun,” so I casually asked her when we had previously used that specific and powerful title since it truly captured the essence of Posen’s new sunglass depicted, and it also conveyed a message essential to the full Expo West double September issue scenario in 20/20 as being prime time for sunwear in the optical universe. It is the first time in ages both September covers feature sunglasses, and that “Empire” attitude played well with that theme.

I was shocked to learn we’d NEVER used that title. It is the title of one of my favorite books (J. G. Ballard’s semi-biographical novel) and (as Iris’ inspiration) also the name of a terrific Spielberg movie from 1987 which was only mildly successful on release but now a classic of its genre.

For me it truly captures the essence of sunwear as it relates to you. Sunwear is your golden opportunity. It simply MUST be part of your mix when it comes to delivering the total optical package to your patient/consumer. It is the valued second and third (and fourth!) level in delivering an eyewear wardrobe. It is a must for a follow-through on any contact lens interaction.

And as I witnessed designer Zac Posen interact with Kenmark’s chief creative officer David Duralde, tweaking shades of green and virtually draping the shadows and light of zyl surfacing textures, it became even more obvious to me that the striking new trend steps as regards eyewear in general and sunwear in particular set our beloved frames as ultimate accessory rulers in this empire we dub the opti-universe.

Posen (so incredibly talented and attuned to the POP in popular culture) stands poised on the threshold of a vital layer in his growing arsenal of style essentials. He loves shades. And shades will love him. Welcome to the empire Zac. And say hello to the readers of 20/20 as they eagerly await your next move.

—James J. Spina

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