CE Test Questions
Sport Specific Progressives: For a Personal Best in Cycling, Golf and Fishing

Exam Questions
1. All of the following are just as important for an ametropic athlete's performance and safety outdoors except:

    A. Sunscreen
    B. Gear
    C. Red hat
    D. Rx sunwear
2. The technology used to optimize progressive lens designs for specific sports is called:

    A. Oakley True Digital
    B. Skew ray trace
    C. Oakley VR28
    D. Sport-tuned filters
3. Large near general purpose progressives:

    A. Work well for all sports
    B. Add blur especially to the lower periphery
    C. Improve the presbyopic athlete's performance
    D. Reduce visual effort when competing
4. Sport-specific progressives are perfect for the nonprofessional athlete because:

    A. Sport enthusiasts benefit like the professional
    B. They cost more money
    C. Office dynamics become more efficient
    D. They decrease the use of multiple pairs
5. All of the following make up a sport specific progressive except the:

    A. Lens design
    B. Color filter properties
    C. Fitting at 4 mm above pupil center
    D. AR on the back surface
6. Critical protection, required for all sunwear is _________ protection.

    A. 100 percent UVA and UVB
    B. Maintain true colors
    C. Increased impact
    D. A and C
7. When speaking the language of a cyclist patient:

    A. Describe the need for a large reading
    B. Mention the usefulness of general purpose progressives
    C. Explain the clear vision during glance-back
    D. Show how to find the small distance area
8. A sport-specific lens for cycling:

    A. Provides increased reading area
    B. Provides clear vision far above the fitting cross
    C. Provides clear distance vision halfway down the corridor
    D. Is designed for chin up riding
9. For cycling, the clearer periphery below the 180 line aids in seeing _________ clearly.

    A. The cycling computer
    B. Ground obstacles
    C. The peloton ahead of you
    D. Your front wheel
10. For cycling enthusiasts, discuss ___________ for lens color choice.

    A. Usual daytime riding conditions
    B. Use of frame complementary colors
    C. Why gray is best
    D. Why brown is best
11. Presbyopic golfers prefer a reading zone that:

    A. Is high and wide
    B. Does not get in the way when driving
    C. Does not get in the way when putting
    D. Is left out of sunwear
12. Head turns and eye tracking a golf ball requires a distance zone that's clearer:

    A. Peripherally
    B. Through the near
    C. Vertically
    D. A and C
13. A presbyopic golfer at the tee benefits from all the following except:

    A. A longer, clearer intermediate
    B. Small, lower reading
    C. Small, higher reading
    D. Clearer periphery
14. Slightly higher transmission sun lenses ensure the golfer:

    A. A smaller pupil
    B. Decreased depth of field
    C. More uniform color rendition
    D. Polarization
15. Always start the lens filter color discussion for golfers with:

    A. Polarized gray
    B. Polarized brown
    C. Brown 3 tint
    D. Gray 3 tint
16. Which fishing enthusiasts most require sunglasses?

    A. Presbyopic myopes
    B. All fishing enthusiasts
    C. Under 45-year-olds
    D. Emmetropes
17. All of the following are safety reasons to redesign progressives for fishing except:

    A. Clear horizon
    B. Safety when using a fishing gaff
    C. Reading a lunch menu
    D. Clear stream bottom when wading
18. Which of the following should be prescribed for all water sports?

    A. Polarization
    B. Dark tints
    C. Front surface mirrors
    D. Only brown or green tints
19. Use all of the following e-marketing tools to pre-dispose patients about sport-specific progressives except:

    A. The appointment process
    B. E-mail
    C. Recall postcards
    D. Facebook
20. Oakley True Digital golf, cycling and fishing progressives do all of the following except:

    A. Reduce potential sunwear sales
    B. Define potential new patients
    C. Improve sport vision performance
    D. Create new talking points with presbyopes

Evaluation Questions

21. In questions 21-25 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
24. How were you directed to this course?

    A. 2020mag.com
    B. OAA Website
    C. NYSSO Website
    D. Ohio Opticians Website
    E. Other
25. Please describe the office in which you work.

    A. Independent Optician
    B. Independent Optometry
    C. Chain retail
    D. HMO/Military/Other
26. Comments on this program: