CE Test Questions
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Exam Questions
1. To best compete with online sellers

    A. Use online to deliver the same convenience and efficiency
    B. Lower pricing by 2.2 times
    C. Increase yellow pages advertising
    D. Fax all lab orders by batching them once a day
2. In the survey, the number of offices that never placed frame, contact and spectacle lens orders online was

    A. 21 to 45 percent
    B. 35 to 45 percent
    C. 75 to 90 percent
    D. Almost 50 percent
3. A measure of online office efficiency is

    A. Online ordering is inefficient
    B. Orders are placed using multiple sites
    C. Multiple tasks done within the same software site
    D. Eight of 10 preferred multiple order sites
4. Efficiency can be measured by

    A. Accuracy
    B. Speed
    C. A real paper trail
    D. A and B
5. The use of the Internet by professional offices

    A. Has significantly improved revenue and profits
    B. Is unclear on practice operations and profitability
    C. Clearly helps patient retention
    D. Consolidates pre-testing tasks in the office

According to the survey, when it comes to redos


More than 50 percent agree online orders reduce redos

    B. Online redos are less expensive
    C. Phone errors are less likely
    D. Online redos are more expensive
7. The survey estimated _____ hours saved when placing, checking and locating archived orders

    A. 15
    B. 30
    C. 57
    D. 80
8. To assist in the best use of a patients vision care benefits

    A. Sell only personalized lenses
    B. Consider lifestyle dispensing
    C. Provide a $50 discount
    D. Sell only what the plan covers
9. Online should be used in all of the following office areas except

    A. Reception
    B. Visual fields
    C. Optical lens orders
    D. Patient communication between appointments
10. If the median time to get a pair of glasses fabricated by an outside lab is _____ days, every day reduced by online ordering is critical.

    A. Two days
    B. Four days
    C. Six days
    D. Eight days
11. The advantage of filing claims through a clearinghouse is all of the following except

    A. Simplicity
    B. Highlighting rejections
    C. Long learning curve
    D. Speed
12. To further improve the online process

    A. Add additional staff
    B. Integrate practice management software
    C. Limit the number of users
    D. Open new lab accounts
13. Claim filing is improved by a clearinghouse because

    A. Virtually all payers are available
    B. They are free
    C. Allow claim submission but not tracking
    D. Print submission forms for mailing
14. How many years of history do payers require for electronic remittance?

    A. One year
    B. Three years
    C. Five years
    D. Seven years
15. To access each payer site, to which you file requires

    A. Creating an account on each
    B. Payment of $50
    C. Registering each employee that uses it
    D. A and C
16. Higher revenue practices are typically on top of their claims because

    A. They continually measure and manage claims
    B. Leave claim management to the payer
    C. Accept only one insurance
    D. The doctor follows claim payments
17. The extra “insurance” of a clearinghouse claim process

    A. Keeps the process going even if the biller quits
    B. Requires two weeks retraining
    C. Requires a new biller every eight months
    D. Compromises privacy requirements
18. All are issues when implementing an online ordering and claims system except

    A. Office staff averse to change
    B. Lab website loyalty
    C. Negative attitude
    D. 24/7 availability
19. If online ordering seems right, all are next steps except

    A. Create an implementation plan
    B. Talk to representatives
    C. Use all services at once
    D. Use monthly checklists
20. Every office should get online for ordering and claims processing because

    A. Patients expect the same convenience and efficiency
    B. Online is not used often
    C. It requires increased effort
    D. Overall, there is a small increase in cost

Evaluation Questions

21. In questions 21-25 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
24. How were you directed to this course?

    A. 2020mag.com
    B. OAA Website
    C. NYSSO Website
    D. Ohio Opticians Website
    E. Other
25. Please describe the office in which you work.

    A. Independent Optician
    B. Independent Optometry
    C. Chain retail
    D. HMO/Military/Other
26. Comments on this program: