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As the world's leading optical publication, 20/20 inspires eyecare professionals, advertising clients and eyewear consumers to successfully brave the exciting and ever-changing scenario of eyewear and sunwear. Number one in readership, 20/20 reaches a circulation of over 49,500 subscribers and now countless consumer followers via Facebook, Twitter and 2020mag mobile apps. With over 35 years of optical expertise, 20/20 continues to establish itself as an invaluable source in delivering the best in fashion trending, branding, style, technology and product news with a unique and personalized delivery. In a powerful blend of print, Web and social media 20/20 energizes the optical arena with bold images, striking eyewear and an up-to-the minute editorial point of view.

The first optical publication to identify the universe of dispensing units in the optical marketplace, 20/20 has analyzed its circulation data to identify subscribers not only by individual names but also by unit locations. 20/20 continues to be the number one source for optical research and information through its statistical reports and unique MarketPulse surveys. Our resources tap into invaluable, groundbreaking information that provides marketing direction, while helping to define the market itself. 20/20 is the one necessary guide that looks ahead at retail and industry trends to predict the exciting future the eyewear industry holds.

20/20 is a publication of Jobson Medical Information, LLC.

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