CE Test Questions
Accessing Accessible Luxury

Exam Questions
1. Luxury ___________.

    A. Is a necessity for everyone's lifestyle
    B. Is not necessarily necessary
    C. Is an enjoyment of comfort and expensive taste
    D. May not contribute to lavish living
2. In order to help customers acquire luxury eyewear, ______________.

    A. Assume what the customer can afford
    B. Hurry the customer into purchasing something they cannot afford and be done with it
    C. Sell them a basic lens package and hopefully =they will purchase the add-ons
    D. Introduce various price points so they can purchase what they specifically need
3. Frame manufacturers are helping the consumer by ____________________.

    A. Designing eyewear lines that bridge the gap between low-end and high-end
    B. Using inferior quality materials to save their company money
    C. Hiring high-end designers to create expensive eyewear to attract consumers
    D. Mass producing overseas to lower costs
4. When creating a luxurious feeling at your optical department ______________.

    A. Provide comfortable seating and good lighting
    B. Provide a wide selection of eyewear for customers to try on at different price points
    C. Provide enough ashtrays for all smokers
    D. A and B
5. In general, eyewear is currently replaced ______________.

    A. In less than one year
    B. Two years
    C. About every three years
    D. Every five years
6. The contributing factors to why men make purchases are _____________.

    A. They want value
    B. They want to look youthful and sexy
    C. They want durability
    D. A and C
7. All of the following create frame luxury for patients except:

    A. Specific frame materials and textures
    B. The right visual merchandising
    C. Use the last two years' frames until sold
    D. Have enough frames on hand to make them accessible
8. All of the following are suggested in Step Three of the Four-Step Blueprint For Luxury except:

    A. Creating Facebook and Twitter accounts to update customers on new arrivals
    B. Having a trunk show and invite all your customers to attend
    C. Creating a luxurious environment to coincide with the luxurious eyewear on display
    D. Only offer luxury eyewear during evening hours
9. All of the following help to communicate luxury easily with patients except:

    A. Start a luxury phone tree to reach every one
    B. Collect emails and organize regular news
    C. Conduct a luxury themed trunk show
    D. A luxurious atmosphere
10. How many hours a week does the average person spend on social media?

    A. Five hours a week
    B. Fifteen hours a week
    C. Two hours a day
    D. Fifty hours a month
11. What are the most important factors of why customers will begin spending on eyewear as the economy improves?

    A. They want quality eyewear and lens packages at a fair price
    B. They need to fill upgraded prescriptions
    C. They have a strong desire to have the latest fashion trend
    D. A and B
12. Which brand uses the Kusk flex system?

    A. Öga
    B. Guess
    C. Guess by Marciano
    D. GANT
13. Consumers may gain fulfillment and confidence when purchasing from companies who__________.

    A. Use animal materials
    B. Are eco-conscious
    C. Have non-involved board members
    D. Avoid charitable programs
14. When completing an eyewear transaction, it's most important to ____________.

    A. Send a thank you card in the mail for their purchase
    B. Make sure the customer tried on all the samples in the store so they don't change their mind
    C. Include them on your Facebook and Twitter account
    D. Follow up with superior customer service unmatched by anyone else
15. What is the best way to stay current on eyewear trends?

    A. Ask your teacher at the optical school you attended
    B. Attend trade shows like Vision Expo and subscribe to optical industry publications
    C. Walk down the road to see what people are wearing
    D. Have a trunk show and invite a few vendors
16. All of the following suggest luxury except:

    A. Eyewear selection is an event
    B. One well-chosen frame works for every event
    C. Sell no customer cheap
    D. Master the specifics of the brand
17. A brand that provides words for you to use like “dynamic colors, futuristic designs and embellishments” is:

    A. Morel
    B. Lafont
    C. Adrienne Vittadini
    D. Evatik
18. James Spina says it's all about _____________.

    A. Attitude
    B. Psychology
    C. Money
    D. Your optical department
19. In eyewear that conveys luxury, frames can be luxurious ____________.

    A. But always seem ordinary to others
    B. And available from any optical office
    C. But the lenses are too
    D. Only if made of precious metals
20. Mrs. Kirk is one classy lady. To ensure she feels special, make sure to ___________________.

    A. Only respond when asked for help
    B. Keep notes in her file of specific tastes, career, hobbies and the eyewear that coincides
    C. Limit her selection to only over $500 frames
    D. Only use hard resin lenses

Evaluation Questions

21. In questions 21-25 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
24. How were you directed to this course?

    A. 2020mag.com
    B. OAA Website
    C. NYSSO Website
    D. Ohio Opticians Website
    E. Other
25. Please describe the office in which you work.

    A. Independent Optician
    B. Independent Optometry
    C. Chain retail
    D. HMO/Military/Other
26. Comments on this program: