CE Test Questions
Present, Making Outdoor Eyewear Understood

Exam Questions
1. To achieve excellent sunwear sales:

    A. There must be sufficient sunwear inventory, 30 percent is a goal
    B. Keep only a few pieces, use catalogs to order
    C. Sell mostly photochromics
    D. Keep only 400 frames in inventory
2. The transition from patient to customer:

    A. Addresses a medical need
    B. Better matches looks of the frame with the prescription
    C. Requires a vision care plan
    D. Schedules an eye exam
3. A motorcycle-riding customer benefits from all of the following except:

    A. Photochromics
    B. Plastic lenses
    C. Polarized lenses
    D. Wrap eyewear
4. A patient is defined as having a ______ ;a customer is a_______.

    A. Need; shopper
    B. Looker; purchaser
    C. Frequent purchaser; need
    D. Need; purchaser
5. All of the following are good resources for printed and online sun material except:

    A. AOA.org
    B. OAA.org
    C. thesun.com
    D. sunpresent.com
6. The most popular methods of presenting information about the dangers of sun using social media are:

    A. Facebook posts and Twitter tweets
    B. Recall postcards
    C. Telephone calls
    D. Fax messages
7. Optical retail environments should rival other consumer experiences because:

    A. Any item purchased can be returned
    B. Choice is based on knowledgeable and expert staff
    C. Patients understand eyewear purchasing
    D. Only clear eyewear is critical
8. When the SUN logo and information links are added to your office website:

    A. Sales of sun yellow tinted lenses improves
    B. Patients are better informed about the need for outdoor eyewear
    C. Traffic increases
    D. Use of plastic lenses increases
9. Printed signage on frameboards and counters:

    A. Are used to fill empty frameboard spots
    B. Promotes vision care plans
    C. Gets a conversation started
    D. Separates men's from women's frames
10. An e-mail campaign about the newest sunwear frames and lenses requires all of the following except:

    A. E-mail addresses
    B. Patient opt-in agreement
    C. A deposit
    D. Privacy policy
11. Digital ways to attract new customers for sunwear include all of the following except:

    A. E-mail to your patient database
    B. Groupon or promotional coupon websites
    C. Facebook posts
    D. Sunwear showcased on your website
12. When product is easily seen, touchable and available in enough choices, an office practices good:

    A. Inventory control
    B. Visual merchandising
    C. Multiple pair sales
    D. Open-ended communication
13. All of the following are items to mention to a customer who wants fishing or boating glasses except:

    A. Uncomfortable with reflected glare
    B. Concerned with rocks and flying debris
    C. Sensitive to bright light
    D. Need to see river bottom
14. An important statement when presenting lens color is:

    A. Colors should be chosen by activity and sport
    B. What do you use for nighttime driving?
    C. Dark gray is best.
    D. Green absorbs the most UV
15. All of the following are questions to show customers there are different eyeglass needs except:

    A. As a golfer, could your multifocals work better?
    B. Are you comfortable when daytime driving with your clear glasses?
    C. Are you comfortable when nighttime driving with your clear glasses?
    D. Do you want to only stay within your plan?
16. When presenting the best outdoor frame:

    A. Size matters—biggest is better
    B. Size is important, coverage is key
    C. Only wrap eyewear works
    D. Stay within budget by at least $50
17. A MVC membership is good for sunwear because:

    A. All sunwear is covered 100 percent
    B. All plans offer 50 percent discounts
    C. It only covers clear eyewear
    D. Most plans offer reduced costs when buying additional pairs of eyewear
18. Good listening skills that are part of presenting are:

    A. Eye contact and multitasking
    B. Eye contact and smiling
    C. Smiling and multitasking
    D. Hands in pockets, multitasking
19. It's best to use all your sunwear skills when patients visit for their exam because:

    A. It's expensive to get the patient to visit again
    B. Patients prefer another appointment for sunwear options
    C. Sunwear requires its own exam
    D. Patients are easily sold prescription sunwear
20. For pilots flying recreational aircraft:

    A. Polarized lenses are a must
    B. Polarized lenses are not recommended
    C. Dark gray lenses, no AR are recommended
    D. Only dark gray with AR are used

Evaluation Questions

21. In questions 21-25 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
24. How were you directed to this course?

    A. 2020mag.com
    B. OAA Website
    C. NYSSO Website
    D. Ohio Opticians Website
    E. Other
25. Please describe the office in which you work.

    A. Independent Optician
    B. Independent Optometry
    C. Chain retail
    D. HMO/Military/Other
26. Comments on this program: