CE Test Questions
Sunwear – The Other First Pair

Exam Questions
1. Whose responsibility is it to ensure that patients understand sun protection requirements

    A. The patients
    B. The insurance company
    C. The optician and doctor
    D. All of the above
2. Why is sun protection more important today?

    A. People spend more time outdoors
    B. Patients live longer
    C. The long-term effects of UV are better understood
    D. All of the above
3. All of the following best help patients understand the risk of no sun protection except

    A. Understand lifestyle cues to determine need
    B. The potential blue light damage
    C. The cost of the sunwear
    D. Discussions of who needs quality eyewear
4. Sound bytes can really help defining sunwear needs because

    A. Conversation can be condensed into simple phrases
    B. Patients give in to what they need rather than want
    C. It helps increase pricing
    D. All of the above
5. Which person in a practice should be capable of conducting a sunwear discussion?

    A. The doctor
    B. The optician
    C. The receptionist
    D. Every person regardless of responsibility
6. Discuss the need for good quality sunwear

    A. While in the exam chair
    B. During the lifestyle consultation
    C. At every opportunity during the office visit
    D. All of the above
7. Children receive ______ the annual UV exposure as an adult

    A. 3 times
    B. 10%
    C. 7.5 times
    D. 75%
8. A child's eyes at age 10 transmit ______% UV radiation as compared to _____% in an adult.

    A. 75%, 50%
    B. 10%, 75%
    C. 75%, 10%
    D. 50%, 75%
9. Have a sunwear discussion with

    A. Prescription eyeglass wearers
    B. Refractive surgery patients
    C. People who have emerging cataracts
    D. All of the above
10. All of the following radiation are of concern except

    A. UVA
    B. UVC
    C. Blue light
    D. UVB
11. Tanning salons have been linked to

    A. Better eye health
    B. The appearance of “old age” cancers at a younger age
    C. Reduction in wrinkles around the eyes
    D. A&C
12. Absorption of UV radiation is important because it

    A. Irritates pingueculae and pterygia
    B. Contributes to the formation of early cataracts
    C. Can cause lid and skin cancers
    D. All of the above
13. All of the following are true about AMD except

    A. Is contributed to by blue light
    B. Results initially in central vision blur
    C. Mostly affects the rods in the retina
    D. May cause a central vision blind spot
14. Glare control is critical because

    A. Surface and internal lens reflections reduce clear vision
    B. Blinding glare is a safety concern
    C. Reduces eye fatigue
    D. All of the above
15. All of the following are true about wearing the right darkness of Rx sunglasses during the day except

    A. Better night driving vision with clear lenses
    B. Finding an empty seat in a dark theater
    C. Better night driving using sunglasses
    D. Improved comfort during the day
16. Polarized lenses make the best sunwear because they

    A. Are the only lenses that eliminate blinding glare
    B. Reduce surface reflections
    C. Transmit all of the UV
    D. Eliminate infrared radiation
17. When describing polarized lenses, be sure to tell patients

    A. That they can see cell phone (liquid crystal) displays by rotating them 45 degrees
    B. They'll love the improved contrast and comfort
    C. Knowing their sunlens needs better determines the best sunlens recommendation
    D. All of the above
18. All of the following are important when dispensing sunwear except

    A. Having fun
    B. Condense information into sound bytes
    C. Know the technical attributes well
    D. All of the above
19. When choosing lens color

    A. Consider the patients outdoors activities
    B. Give the patient a transmission chart and let them choose
    C. Use gray 90% of the time
    D. Always use polarized
20. Because sunwear provides protection, style, and fun

    A. Always choose polycarbonate
    B. Charge more than clear eyewear
    C. Only consider them for adults
    D. They are the other first pair

Evaluation Questions

21. In questions 21-25 please rate the effectiveness of how well each course met the stated learning objectives: Met the stated learning objectives?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
22. Avoided commercial bias/influence?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
23. How would you rate the overall quality of the material presented?

    A. Excellent
    B. Very Good
    C. Good
    D. Fair
    E. Poor
24. How were you directed to this course?

    A. 2020mag.com
    B. OAA Website
    C. NYSSO Website
    D. Ohio Opticians Website
    E. Other
25. Please describe the office in which you work.

    A. Independent Optician
    B. Independent Optometry
    C. Chain retail
    D. HMO/Military/Other
26. Comments on this program: